Clean Energy, Clear Messaging: Brand New Website Built For
NEG Natural

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Updated on: June 1st, 20233 min read
A person reads the new NEG Natural website on a computer and smartphone.

After launching a new website for publicly traded multinational chemicals powerhouse Alpek, Lounge Lizard was brought back for an encore engagement with their subsidiary, NEG Natural. This energy services company specializes in environmentally friendly products and emission offset devices.

Recently spun off, NEG Natural needed a standalone website that represented it in an environmentally conscientious way and highlighted its sustainability-focused products and solutions. NEG’s goal was to have a website that took the ‘green’ mindset and depicted it through imagery, movement, and video to highlight health, nature, vitality, and a commitment to a clean-energy future.

The new NEG Natural website on a desktop computer.

Lounge Lizard’s design team, using the color palette from Alpek’s new site, designed a website that promoted corporate brand cohesiveness and showcased NEG’s products and solutions in a clean, uncluttered, and fresh way. The new site was created as a custom WordPress site, allowing easy updating by the NEG IT team.

The Lounge Lizard Brandtenders paid particular attention to NEG’s specialized labor needs with a cutting-edge careers page that promotes the NEG culture while capturing applicants and facilitating resume uploading. There was also careful consideration paid to NEG’s ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) page, which links back to the policy on Alpek’s site and details their contributions to this all-important green initiative first conceived by the United Nations and is mandatory for any company trading on the Mexican Stock Market.

Whistleblowing and transparency are vital parts of the company’s ESG policy, so the design team created a specific sticky call to action button for the ‘Transparency Hotline’ on every page throughout the site. In keeping with the spirit of their ESG policy through Alpek, this Transparency Hotline button makes it easy for anyone within the organization to reach the compliance group and report any problems.

Someone dives into a pool to demonstrate the sustainable energy efforts of NEG Natural.

Once the design phase was complete, the Lounge Lizard development team brought the site to life with mobile responsiveness, an ultra-fast loading and rendering speed (scoring 97 on the Google PageSpeed Insights test), and streamlined app integrations that power the careers page, like reCAPTCHA and Gravity Forms. In addition, the SEO team created a keyword list that informed the on-page SEO, from title tags to meta descriptions to alt image tags, and gained a 186% increase in organic traffic in the first several months after launch.

The launch of the new NEG Natural website was applauded as a way to address carbon-heavy energy issues with sustainable choices and provide answers to queries that have a significant bearing on the environment and a healthy planet. The new website is now viewed as a collaborative member of the Alpek family of enterprises thanks to its bright, colorful design and simple layout.

Published on: June 1st, 2023

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Clean Energy, Clear Messaging: Brand New Website Built For
NEG Natural
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