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Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency in Nashville, TN

Web Design Company in Nashville, TN

Partner with a premier Nashville web design company for the full spectrum of top tier marketing and web design and development services.

Lounge Lizard Worldwide, with offices in and around New York City, Long Island, Washington, DC, and Nashville, is an award-winning web design firm that works with every level of business entity from multinational companies to small start-up businesses. Founded in 1998, Lounge Lizard’s BrandTenders serve up a potent mix of design-forward website solutions that are unique, creative, and always innovative.

Our goal is to present your company brand through flawless web design services and creates a rich customer experience that’s functional and leads your customers to close the deal.

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Visually Interpreting Your Digital Marketing Strategy

At Lounge Lizard, we excel at actuating your overall digital marketing strategy into a comprehensive and complete website experience.

We start by developing a design wireframe layout and site structure that achieves the functional elements communicated through your valued business strategy. From there, our designers bring their experience and design acumen to enhance flow and functionality that will lead your customers through the intended objectives to the ultimate target.

If your goal is to inform visitors about your company, we will develop an educational experience that guides users to learn more about your business.

If the goal is to sell your products or services, Lounge Lizard’s Nashville web design team is well versed in creating sites that focus the customer’s attention on successful eCommerce with multiple Calls-to-Action (CTAs) that lead clients through the sales funnel.

By highlighting or featuring your unique sales points or propositions, our Nashville design team is focused on bringing your overall business strategy full circle in a way that uniquely showcases your company.

We’ve earned a 4.5 out of 5 with 1129 ratings.

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You Have 7 Seconds to Make a Lasting Impression

Having worked on over 800 successful websites for B2B, B2C, e-Commerce, non-profits, and social networks, our Nashville web design team thoroughly understands the ‘7-Second Rule’!

When you have just 7 seconds to grab someone’s attention and entice them to continue scrolling down the page, you need a compelling brand that’s unique and solution oriented. We promise to help you achieve this by crafting a captivating first impression that speaks directly to your target audience.

Through the use of branding workshops, our Nashville team will work with your internal experts to crystallize an intriguing brand message that speaks directly and succinctly to your ideal market.

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Our four main verticals in the Nashville, TN office
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Strategic Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing task force aims at implementing the best strategy to market products and services online.

We’ll use different tools and practices to generate leads, increase sales and maximize ROI (Return On Investment).

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Website Design and Development

Lounge Lizard’s web design and development team work together to deliver websites and e-commerce stores that work seamlessly in different devices.

Our objective is to match features with user experience and brand messaging. These three key elements are fundamental to build a fluid and meaningful digital experience.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Lounge Lizard’s search engine specialists will create and implement the SEO strategy that best fits your company.

We use on-site and off-site SEO techniques to optimize websites, mobile apps (ASO – App Store Optimization) and e-commerce stores.


Online advertising and PPC (Pay Per Click)

We have a significant track record in online advertising and PPC, our result-driven advertisers are experts in social media ads, native, programmatic, search and display.

After defining our advertising objectives, we start from the CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) to optimize the budget and we adjust the campaigns to maximize your ROI (Return On Investment).

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Social Media Marketing and Management (SMM)

If you don’t communicate with your audience on social media, you’ll miss tons of opportunities.

Our social media marketers are capable of managing meaningful conversations in multiple languages and crossover your social media platforms.

After setting our shared goals, we craft the right editorial plan for your marketing strategy and focus on metrics that really matter like leads, sales and ROI.

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SEO-Forward, Responsive Website

In 2021, over 93% of all web traffic was initiated via a search engine, and of that amount over 60% came from a mobile device. That number will only continue to grow as people become more attached to their phones and tablets.

These trends are having a significant impact on web design. Changes have been profound as search engines redefine the way they determine rank and refine algorithms.

In Nashville, our web design team is on the leading edge of responsive mobile web design. Plus, they’re highly skilled in optimizing both the technical aspects of SEO and the on-page components that are key to future success. Your business deserves to benefit from our comprehensive experience to give you an extra edge in competition.

Whether designing and developing new websites or refreshing existing sites, our Nashville team brings all the latest technology. Our BrandTenders use industry-forward SEO that meets or exceeds core web vital requirements. They also use website enhancements like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) to ensure the fastest load times and smooth access to content.

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424 Church Street
Nashville, TN
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