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Our expert design team of Mixologists and Brandtenders bring next-level creativity and passion—then blend in an extensive understanding of graphic design, SEO, and current trends when designing for the web. Having designed websites for over 600 entities, including B2C, B2B, enterprise, e-commerce, non-profits, and social networks, we bring a potent mix of creative vision, UI/UX design, and technical know-how to communicate your brand through the design of your website.

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When you work with Lounge Lizard, you get a custom web design that captures visitors’ imagination by telling your brand’s story in a unique and effective way. From our first discussions to learn about you and your company through the final testing and launch, our design team creates company web designs that are fresh, original, and, most importantly, produce results.

Amplify Your Digital Presence


We focus on impact by creating smart, responsive custom website designs that rank well with search engines to drive traffic. Bottom line: our website designs create calls to action that generate business and sell products.

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By creating a powerful brand that showcases your business, our design team sets a strong tone and direction that guides the overall strategy for the design, informs the visual elements, and steers the user experience.

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Understanding human behavior and how users interact with good website designs is key to designing a well-performing site. Our designers have vast experience in UI/UX design and bring this specialized knowledge to your new site.

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Up to speed on the latest visual design trends and techniques, our creatives will interpret your ideas into a fully functional design using color, font, and imagery to communicate your message in a way that engages users and generates leads.

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With almost 60% of websites worldwide using WordPress as their Content Management System (CMS), we create customized WordPress sites that are robust, user-friendly, and easy to maintain, plus we offer extensive plug-ins and security enhancements.

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Our industry-leading SEO team works in tandem throughout the entire design process to ensure your site is search engine optimized, mobile-device responsive, and meets or exceeds Google’s Core Web Vitals, a set of metrics designed to measure speed and enhance search results.

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Our team goes beyond just creating a website to sell products — we design an entire shopping experience where the user can engage with your products, research and make selections, and ultimately return again and again.

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Our Advantages are in the Numbers

Our websites get results—from boosting traffic to improving conversion rates to generating online leads. Take a look at the advantages graphics design for websites have for the overall performance experienced by some of our clients.

Increase in Leads
Engagement Rate
Increase in Website Traffic
22 Million
Google Ad Impressions
Growth in Social Audience
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Custom Design Services

Why Brands Choose Us

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Lounge Lizard Awards

About Web Design Services

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We offer web design services and graphic design for businesses, plus a whole lot more. When we call ourselves a full-service marketing agency, we really mean it! Once your website is launched, we are there for digital marketing, ongoing SEO, and hosting support.
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Featured Work

Check out some of our most exciting work in Web Design and Digital Marketing! At Lounge Lizard, our web design, development, and marketing company works with a wide range of diverse companies that have unique needs and goals — see what we’ve done.
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LLW Portfolio EuroSort

EuroSort Systems

With a new multilingual website and a 94% On-Page SEO score, Danish multinational, Eurosort, is able to attract a wider global audience for their high-speed sorting equipment.
View Case StudySee All Our Work
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LL_Portfolio Monitor
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Energy Infrastructure Partners

Lounge Lizard created branding and a new multilingual website for Energy Infrastructure Partners, a Swiss energy investment firm focusing on large-scale renewables.
View Case StudySee All Our Work
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Our Brandtenders created the impenetrable Fortress, a cinematic brand concept with a world-class custom 3D environment that has led to a 200% increase in leads.
View Case StudySee All Our Work
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LL_Portfolio Monitor


With a stunning increase in sales leads and SEO performance, Silvercast’s new transformational site showcases their digital signage from the heart of Time’s Square.
View Case StudySee All Our Work
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Web Design

With a stunning increase in sales leads and SEO performance, Silvercast’s new transformational site showcases their digital signage from the heart of Time’s Square.
View Case StudySee All Our Work
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LL_Portfolio Monitor


With a stunning increase in sales leads and SEO performance, Silvercast’s new transformational site showcases their digital signage from the heart of Time’s Square.
View Case StudySee All Our Work
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LL_Portfolio Monitor

Web Design

With a modern, design-forward spin on casino websites, Lounge Lizard created a multi-facility rebrand and Hollywood-style websites for Jacobs Entertainment’s Nevada flagships.
View Case StudySee All Our Work
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LL_Portfolio Monitor

Blue Owl

With 200+% increase in organic traffic, Blue Owl’s stylish, modern website and brand attracts investors in the private-equity market from New York to California to London.
View Case StudySee All Our Work

Our Clients

Phia logo
Blue, red and black logo for Altech Services.
A turquoise and navy blue logo for CoValence Laboratories.
Analytica logo
The SaviLinx logo with a blue background and orange and white text.
All about the mom custom logo
A logo for CCI Health Services includes an orange, lime green, and chocolate brown lotus.
The logo for Gen II.
A gold logo for The Lodge Casino with evergreen trees.
A logo for The Gilpin Casino in black and gold.
A Gold Dust West Reno logo with black copy and gold stars.
Roco logo
A black logo for MIND GAMES features a crown above the company name.
The new logo for Sun Home Saunas includes an orange drop of sweat.
An orange, black and white logo for WebsiteClosers.com.
Gold and dark blue logo for EmPRO Insurance.
A charcoal gray and sky blue logo for Gen II.

Our Process

When we talk about our process for branding and professional services, we like to keep it fresh with a generous splash of creativity. That way, your new brand is sure to increase your company’s value, motivate your employees, and quench your customers’ thirst.
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We spend dedicated time to get to know you and your team, your organization, and the products or services you offer. We want to know what’s worked and what hasn’t.
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Whether your brand is well established or needs fleshing out, our team helps you clarify your brand strategy understanding that it informs the entire design process.
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With the graphics designing process in full swing, Lounge Lizard’s design team creates the site plan and wireframe that provides structure and maps out the creation process.
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Our creative team then adds the custom graphic design elements that bring the overall design to life adding color and personality along with animation and tech-forward applications.
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With your brand voice, content is created to represent your product or service and guide your customers through your new site. All content is SEO-optimized and based on relevant keywords.
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As the design is unified, the development team provides the HTML, CSS, and related code to create a cohesive and functioning website.
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Thorough testing is conducted to ensure a competitive advantage with functionality, responsiveness, and speed a high priority.
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When all testing is complete and arrangements are in place, it’s time to launch. Your new website is live and fully functional on the internet—congratulations!

What Clients Say About Us


I would definitely recommend them to a work associate.

Lounge Lizard delivered a site with exceptional designs and functionalities. The new platform received great internal feedback. The project manager excelled at managing the client’s expectations throughout the engagement. They paid great attention to detail and delivered high-quality results.

Daniel Goliber
Marketing Program Manager | Filtration Systems Company

Lounge Lizard is approachable, reachable, flexible, and supportive.

The user-friendly mobile app has received extremely positive external feedback. Lounge Lizard’s responsive team delivered a simple yet advanced product. In addition to having strong technical capabilities, they are quick to learn the skills necessary to deliver on the commercial scope of a project.

Sarwat Siddique
Sr. Product Manager | Watts Water Technologies

I found their process impressive.

The team successfully delivered a modern website with the capacity for easy updates. Lounge Lizard communicates proactively to ensure compliance with expectations and customer satisfaction.

John Strack
IT Manager | Loop-Loc
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We have Extensive Experience in the Following Industries

Advertising & Media
Finance & Insurance
Luxury, Beauty & Fashion
Consumer Goods
Entertainment & Film
Health & Wellness
Hospitality & Gaming


How often should a website be updated or upgraded?
This varies depending on the website—you can change your material as frequently as you feel is appropriate for your brand and mission. You only need to decide how frequently you will update your material. But keep in mind—customers love new, original content (and Google rewards it). On a more practical note: upgrading may be required due to changes in technology or SEO requirements, e.g., Google’s algorithms recently changed drastically impacting organic visits for many sites. Speak with your design and development team to determine the frequency of these upgrades. They will examine your website’s functionality and make sure all links are operational.
Can I redesign my existing website without designing and developing a whole new site?
If you want your website to match the needs of your site visitors, a website makeover is a worthy endeavor. A new design and better user experience means that your visitors will explore and find your website as you intended. You might want to think about a design upgrade if you want to make sure your website is constructed for user experience and stays current. The procedure entails functional analysis, comprehension of your present and potential customers, competitor analysis, goal setting, updating SEO strategy, and responsive design optimization of the website.
How long does it take to create and implement a web design for businesses?
The length of time needed to design a website depends on its size (number of pages), the sort of design needed, and whether any special effects or original development elements are being used. It’s important to give adequate time to creating wireframes, allowing the design and development teams to do their part, and for final edits and modifications. Plus, the client approval process can take time as well. All these things must all be taken into consideration.
What is responsive website design?
Today, we hear a lot about responsive website design, but what exactly is it? You want your customers to be able to enjoy your web design regardless of the device they use or the size of their screen. With responsive website design, a site scales to accurately display the site contents on various platforms. So, regardless of the device, your user is able to access the website and your content is always clear and optimized for a good user experience. In addition, responsive design allows websites to appear on desktops and handheld devices without the need for a dedicated mobile site. At Lounge Lizard, we use responsive design for all client projects.
Please explain SEO web design?
Search engine optimization (SEO) tactics are crucial to good website design. All websites are indexed by Google, and those that are optimized for search results using keywords and solid on-page and off-page SEO benefit with increased domain authority and better rankings. A website with great SEO will receive more visitors and score higher in search engine results than one without.


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