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As an innovative leader in the field of managed behavioral health solutions, Ontrak provides tech-forward, provider-driven solutions that identify and engage health plan members with unaddressed or undisclosed behavioral health concerns and chronic health issues. Ontrak’s proven strategy marries advanced technology with coach-led programs to improve health outcomes and reduce overall medical costs.


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Lounge Lizard was brought on board to craft the perfect brand strategy and modernize the look and feel of Ontrak’s existing website. Ontrak’s goal was to have a clean, crisp brand and a highly intuitive website that allowed their diverse users a seamless, enhanced navigational experience.

With their decidedly unique selling proposition that identifies and engages a previously underserved health population offsetting future health plan costs, Ontrak wanted their site to focus primarily on their health plan customers while also engaging both plan members and investors. In addition, the company wanted to showcase its strong presence in the thought leadership realm with a state-of-the-art resources space.


True to the Brandtender Philosophy, Lounge Lizard approached the Ontrak project focusing on the ‘7 Second Phenomenon’. What’s that you ask? Well, it takes 7 seconds for a website visitor to decide if they want to stay on a site or jump back to a search engine.

That tiny fraction of time is how long your site has to engage your target audience and convey brand awareness.

Luckily, Lounge Lizard understands this phenomenon and knows how to create websites that do just that!

As this project launched, the Brandtenders were hoping to understand Ontrak’s target personas and found a creative goldmine of opportunity through the Brand Strategy Workshop. They met with Ontrak stakeholders to learn more about their company culture, competitors, their target visitor, and their overall unique selling proposition.

From there, Lounge Lizard developed a fresh brand voice and identity with an engaging new logo and color palette. Ontrak’s new brand melded perfectly into a winning site strategy that crafted a humanistic element to the company’s overall message while illustrating a more comprehensive view of what the company does and who its services benefit.

As the UX/UI design phase got underway, Lounge Lizard was able to incorporate imaginative ways to showcase Ontrak’s statistical hallmarks while also bringing elements of visitor interactivity through the use of modules and videos. As well, the design team found creative ways to develop shorter click paths to specific content and increase sales lead conversions.

This created a user experience that was easily navigated and would ultimately meet each of the company’s success metrics and KPIs.

Next, the Ontrak website was headed for development where Lounge Lizard’s Mixologists used the latest best practices to develop a website that is highly responsive and mobile relevant. Creating a custom experience is part of what they do and the Ontrak site was no different. Chock full of versatile and agile tech-forward applications, this site has outstanding usability while also being highly visitor-centric.

From Social Media integrations to advanced on-site SEO to developing a content management strategy, the Lounge Lizard team built and tested a fully operational site that was successfully launched fully baked, and ready to rock.


Lounge Lizard’s Brandtenders created and implemented a successful brand strategy that included designing and developing a website that met each of the client’s expectations. From their previous site to their new state-of-the-art website, Ontrak gained the ability to showcase their unique brand and product while also meeting the needs of plan participants and potential investors in a fresh, concise way. The result is increased sales meeting requests, increased provider applications, and a powerful new brand story.


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Sales Meeting Requests
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Brand Strategy & Story


Lounge Lizard Brandtenders and Marketing Mixologists always serve up custom concoctions. We mix a potent combination of brand story telling with a generous splash of creative juices and blend in technology-focused, customized solutions as a chaser.

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