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The Effectiveness of Email Marketing Lead Nurturing

Conversion isn’t just one event, nor the strategies that make it happen. An average customer’s buying decision process often takes anywhere from days to months. And during that entire process, your product isn’t the only one they are considering. That’s why it’s important that you nurture every prospective customer, placing your product at the forefront of their minds during the entire buying process.

Lead nurturing is just as it sounds: nurturing leads and turning them into customers. It is a process that begins the moment you capture email leads throughout every level of the sales funnel. It’s a combination of email marketing strategies and communication efforts. The success of this strategy lies in the effectiveness of email marketing itself.

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The Basics of Email Marketing Lead Nurturing

There are actually five stages in the customer lifecycle:

  • Awareness
  • Purchase
  • Relationship building
  • Retention
  • Advocacy

You need to first identify your leads and at what stage of the lifecycle they are. Their location is important since you need to personalize your outreach based on their location. Prospective customers on the awareness level, for example, need to know more about your product/service.

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Lounge Lizard Takes Email Marketing Lead Nurturing a Step Further

Send the Right Message at the Right Time

Personalize your smart emails according to which stage in the customer lifecycle/sales funnel your customers/leads are in. The emails should contain relevant and highly-targeted messages that will keep your customers engaged. Create a strategic distribution schedule or stagger the emails according to the customer’s last action.

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Connect Your Emails with Your Site Experience

Take it a step further and base your lead nurturing emails according to your leads’ action and behavior within your website. You can set up triggers on trackable actions and automatically send smart emails accordingly. Leads that open the first email you sent as they entered the awareness stage may signal interest but returning to your site and/or entering information on forms may indicate active interest.

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Monitor Results Right as They Happen – Down to Individual Actions

Access on-demand reports down to the individual subscriber level. You can monitor the open rate, click rate, and unsubscribe rate for every campaign.

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Ongoing Campaign Optimization

There’s always room for improvement. One way you can improve your lead nurturing strategy is to edit existing emails to and further personalize it for a specific customer lifecycle stage. Better yet, you can add stages to the lifecycle to create better segmentation of your subscribers.

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In-Depth Data Analysis

The comprehensive on-demand reports and analysis will provide you with insights on your customer’s behavior and ideas on how you can use said behaviors improve your lead nurturing strategies.

Lead Nurturing Truly Delivers

Email campaigns, on average, bring higher ROI (around $44) per dollar spent. It also reaches a bigger audience with one of the highest delivery rates.

When nurtured leads do convert, their purchases are usually 47% larger compared to the purchases of unnurtured leads. And these are purchases you can largely profit from. Nurtured leads can bring you up to 50% more sales and costing you 33% lower per conversion.

But how can you effectively nurture your email lead? There are two things: lifecycle email marketing and smart emails. Lifecycle email marketing is basically an email marketing effort based on a customer’s stage in the customer lifecycle or throughout their buying decision process/journey.

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Retention is Crucial

The retention stage is just as important as the awareness stage. You’ll want your customers to return right after you built a relationship with them and one way to achieve this is to provide more value through freebies or exclusive email offers. Building customer loyalty is important since gaining a new customer would cost five times more.

All of these strategies need to be gradual. This is where drip campaigns come in. You can send newsletters or promotional emails on a weekly, monthly, or staggered within a certain period. You’ll need to adjust your email content as customers progress to another stage in the lifecycle.

The Basics of Email Marketing Lead Nurturing

The Perfect Channel for Marketing

Email is the perfect channel for marketing. More than half (77%) of internet users prefer email for receiving product promotions. Most importantly, email campaigns drive more sales conversions. The average click-through rate of emails is 2.78% with email marketing campaign messages like shopping cart abandonment emails reaching a click-through rate of 28.7% and a conversion rate of 5%.

This sounds impressive but not every email marketing campaign can achieve those numbers. Even the best email campaigns can easily lose their leads. A half of email leads, after all, are not ready to buy and once you fail to nurture these leads, you can lose up to 80% of them. Even if email marketing campaigns drive more conversions compared to other marketing strategies, this doesn’t equate to bigger sales.

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Email Marketing Lead Nurturing Plans and Packages

Nurturing your leads isn’t just about sending them emails according to a schedule. You need to be smart about it and Lounge Lizard know just how you can take your lead nurturing to the next level.

You can select between one or two lead nurture email campaigns, a lead nurture smart email campaign, and one lead nurture campaign with smart email trigger campaigns. Pricing is based on the number of subscribers.

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Included in the packages are the following:

  • Lifecycle email drip sequence
  • Lifecycle email marketing distribution schedule
  • Targeting and campaign strategy
  • Workflow development
  • Sales cycle implementation
  • Additional lifecycle stages
  • Email theme development and customization
  • Email copywriting (optional)
  • Triggered emails
  • Webform signup tagging coding and implementation
  • Manual lifecycle email form subscription
  • Built-in unsubscribe function
  • Email tests on up to 24 clients
  • Custom segmented lists
  • On-demand reports
  • 200+ SMEs behind campaign driving results

Work with Experts – Turn Leads in Customers

There’s nothing more frustrating than losing prospective customers that are already near the purchasing stage in their lifecycle. You don’t just lose a customer but you lose time, money, and effort in driving them to your website in the first place. And you’ll need to spend more to acquire more customers and the cycle goes on.

End this cycle before it begins. Lounge Lizard’s team of highly-experienced digital marketers will help you streamline not only your email marketing strategy but also your sales funnel. Our highly personalized lifecycle email marketing strategies will guide qualified leads to your desired conversion action.

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